Saving the processor

Hello, does anyone know any opkg to help the router processor?
Same as zram and swap

What do you mean? The processors don't typically need any "help." Is there something specific you're trying to achieve, or a problem you are trying to resolve?


No, I'm collecting information and an amount of opkg that helps the router work
As OpenWRT has 9467 opkgs I believe there is something that helps, equal to overclocking

Again, this is not particularly clear. Everything that is needed is already part of the basic image for your router.

Each of the packages has a purpose, most of them are not "performance" oriented, but they will add functionality. For example, if you need to add VPN capabilities or SIP telephony connectivity, and so on. In fact, installing packages typically means additional processor and memory utilization, so if you don't have a very specific goal, you'll end up just reducing performance overall.

There are packages like SQM and CAKE and such that aim to reduce latency and buffer-bloat by actually limiting the bandwidth/speed of your connection or of certain types of connections to prioritize others.

Overclocking may be an option for some specific devices (but not all), but it typically does not "help" the processor -- it can cause stability and lifetime issues by causing additional thermal loading and unreliable operation if the speeds are too high.

What specific problem are you trying to solve? Is your device not performing well? Is it too slow for your internet connection?


ok thanks for the information
I don't have specific problems, I've been using open wrt for a long time and I've never participated in the forums, now that I've started to participate I've discovered incredible functions, so I try to get as much information out of the forum users command scripts opkgs etc.
But your explanation was already excellent.

Maybe Irqbalance (if your hardware is multi-core):

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That's what I'm talking about information, I like it a lot, I'll test it

Hrm, sqm and cake reduce latency mainly by:
a) using per-flow scheduling so all flows are serviced equally fair, a flow exceeding its capacity share will see more intra-flow queue build-up, but will not eat (much) into other flow's capacity share or delay them unduly.
b) an active queue management algorithm (AQM) that uses drops/CE-marks judiciously to help flows not overshooting their capacity share (much)

the reduction in throughput really is only required for downlink shaping as the shaper sits on the wrong side of the bottleneck and we need to make sure that the upstream device with its over-sized and under managed buffers does not see enough traffic to fill its queues (most of the time).

BUT, while quite nifty and useful, this comes at a noticeable CPU cost, so it might not be what the OP is after.


Yes, I was oversimplifying (and not doing a good job explaining what it actually does). Thank you for expanding on it, though... this is better for the OP to understand the purpose and method than the explanation I provided.

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You were reading the room! Not splitting hairs, oversimplification is sometimes the primer needed for further reading.

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Man, I have a doubt, I don't know if I'm going crazy but the opkg you indicated gave me a significant improvement in my router, but the detail is the following my router is single core TL-WDR3600, I monitored it with htop and the results were visible
Is it possible or am I going crazy?
Thank you very much for the indication

Uhm weird, the irqbalance works on multi-cores hardware, I have no idea what can make on a single core, because it can't "move" the interrupts and context switching:

The purpose of irqbalance is distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system in order to increase performance

Maybe could be a "Placebo Effect" after you installed it? :smiley:

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very strange, after the installation the peak of 100% of use of the processor doesn't keep for a long time like before, it's how to reset if<no too much thanks for the infos

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