Saved Changes won't apply

Openwrt 22.03.3
TPlink Archer 7 v5

Recently using Luci, any saved changes won't apply. After 90 sec. I get message about a rollback. Suggestions?

apply unconfirmed ?

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Can you be specific about what changes you're making? If you're changing the main lan settings (such as the IP address or subnet), this is expected behavior... there is an auto-rollback to prevent people from locking themselves out. The auto-rollback happens if the browser is unable to connect to the router before a timeout occurs...

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I'm changing the SSID name on the only WiFi that is enabled. Perhaps I can enable another WiFi network before I change the SSID on current one.

Connect using ethernet while you change the wifi and you shouldn't have any issues.

I don't recall the length of the timeout and if it affects wifi as well, but be ready to switch your wifi to the new network immediately and it should hopefully stick

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Worked. thanks

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