Save my BTHH5 from landfill, need nand dump

Please help - nothing is working just now.

Current situation:

I have installed 19.07 on a BTHH5 - wireless does not work I want to reflash the nandbackup to go back to stock.

I have ssh'd into my box and I can no longer read my usb device which I used during the install and to make the backup, I have tried 3 usb's but the previous mnt/mounts path doesn't exit. I tried manually mounting the usb but without success. When I plug the usb it is recognised. I read about block mount but when I run that:

/bin/ash: block: not found

So I rebooted the router with the usb to serial attached, hitting a key to enter the v9 u-boot prompt. From here usb again is not accessible, however when I enter "restore" : Unknown command 'restore' - try 'help'

So.... let's just start over. so I short the earth on the R45, copy the text from the notepad file, then when I try to run the command to transfer the LEDE installimage bin via tftp I get the TTTTTTT

I am at a loss now and the router is very close to a life in a landfill after it receives a few swift whacks with a hammer.

How do I access my usb and how do i run restore to go back to stock?

Any advice welcome.

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type firstboot

If only wifi's dead, use cables, and install the additional packages required to mount your flash drive.
The install the package containing the block command, might be fwtool, not sure.

Thanks I have managed to mount the usb, but now if I boot and run the lede-lantiq-xrx200-BTHOMEHUBV5A-installimage.bin the mnt isn't available so I can't access my file to make the restore.

How can I run the restore from a regular ssh session - is there a package I can install for that.

I don't understand why I have lost the tmp/mounts when I boot the install image.

Try transferring the image using winscp, and store it in /tmp on your router.

If you booted another image, your installed packages aren't in it.

I can't transfer the backup file to the device as it is too big - I just keep going around in circles.

If possible i need to install the package which enables me to run the restore o nthe main image.

If there's no space on the unit itself when you booted the installimage.bin, there's no point in trying to get it over to the router, it'll have to be stored on external media.

You could check what's supported out of the box and provide that kind of media/file system, or just do what you suggested yourself, which would probably be the easiest solution.

Finally managed to get access to the usb via the /tmp/mounts partition when I interrupted the boot loader and got to the v9 u-boot prompt - for some reason not interrupting this and later the install image boot wasn't creating the mount.

However - next issue is that my nandump is incomplete, I think when I ran the backup initially the unit probably hit its limit hence the smaller 65mb size - I suspect this is also why so many other end up with corrupt backups.

So I think my only hope now is an original backup of the Plusnet firmware if anyone has one they might share.

Not sure if it's the same model, but if it is, try leaving a message to the owner of or

or hope @kissmorning or @Ratsea34 or @elevennails or @clayface or @scrumpydude reacts.

Ok so I got there in the end. Someone was kind enough to send me a restore image, once that was flashed and I confirmed that wifi was working on stock I re-flashed OpenWRT again and upon first boot wireless worked.

I guess I must have screwed something up on the initial install.

Thank for the tips and pointers - router saved form landfill :slight_smile:

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Excellent news!

What's the proper size of the dump? 128mb?

Will update the wiki, to make sure people got the right size before they continue.

The one I have is just shy of 131mb.

When I did my own backup there was no indication that it had failed, I can't remember for sure but I maybe did the backup to the router rather than the USB and it his the disk limit because when I tried to copy the backup I had made back to the router it reports he unit is out of disk space but a 60mb file is present.

Probably obvious but I think wiki should say to make the backup to the USB.

Thank you.

Went in today, and was about to update the writing, but there's already a big fat red warning about the file size of the nand dump.
Check the size of the file saved to USB flash drive is approx 128 MiB before continuing any further!

Don't know if it's been there all the time, or if it's a new addition to the wiki.

Quite possible it was already there, at least the file size was for sure but not sure if it always stated to use the USB.

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