Sat>IP server on WAN not visible in LAN


I have a Xiaomi router connected in routed wireless client mode to a Fritz! cable (, which is connected to the internet and so used as gateway. The cable router has internal quad DVB-C tuners with SAT>IP. There is also a smart TV connected.

How can I make satip and TV visible inside my network also? (

I've followed a guide with smcroute and adapted the iptable TTL-increase to nftables, but still fail to find satip tuners. And even if manual adding them via ip, the RTSP packets do not reach my client, despite having a rule to allow UDP from WAN to LAN on ports 47700-47800.

The simplest option is to avoid the double-NAT situation and configure your Xiamoi router as a "dumb" client ("WiFi bridge" or whatever you may call it).
All routing and DHCP is then handled by your Fritz!Box and you will end up with all devices in the 192.168.178.x subnet.

Edit: As an alternative, using relayd should do the trick, see the Wiki.
However, I'm surprised that we don't have a matching article in the Wiki, describing a client setup without AP on the device. I might have a look into this some time.

In general the bridging of a wireless client to the lan and wifi of the router is problematic, hence the relayd and the WDS (which is the best solution, when available).

Yes, I considered a bridged approach first, but relayd seemed to be unreliable. I'm not against an own subnet tough, as the internet facing router isn't mine, so my device zoo doesn't show up there. No (o)mcproxy like daemon for SSDP?

Maybe this can help?