SaskTel Fibre, OpenWrt, VLAN Internet Trunk Settings Without SaskTel Router?

We run SaskTel Fibre internet and we're in Saskatchewan, Canada. I purchased my Linksys 3200ACM last year with the thought of using custom firmware on it. I played around with DD-WRT and used that for a while. I wanted to get rid of the SaskTel Actiontec router between the Linksys router and the fibre modem. I could not do it with DD-WRT no matter what I tried. Eventually I went back to the stock firmware and it was super easy to configure but I miss the added functionality.

It seems OpenWrt can accomplish this but looking on the website, the wiki, this forum, and the general internet either has lead to no answers or just confused me. I've attached the settings in the stock firmware that allowed me to remove the SaskTel Actiontec router from the setup. Any assistance, or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thank you!

You basically need to tag the WAN port with VLANid 1000. That is fairly simple.
If your WAN interface is using eth0 for example, change the ifname option from eth0 to eth0.1000


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