[sas-mpt] Missing Kernel Modules Required for VMWare

I'm trying to get OpenWRT running in a VMWare VPS. The generic image (openwrt-19.07.3-x86-64-combined-ext4.img.gz) fails to mount the rootfs. I've narrowed the problem down to the following missing modules, which are required drivers for the virtual disk:


These are all part of the mainline kernel tree. I can't find any corresponding kmod- packages that I could include with the image builder. Am I missing something here? I'm capable to build from source if necessary, but I would think these should at least be built as module packages available in the feeds.

you will likely need to use a buildroot... ( below options are for 5.4... might be different on another kver )

  • libsas ( check the Makefile to manually add kopts )

( or write your own kmod package / Makefile ... for the MPT*SAS stuff ... then edit the target defaults accordingly )

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The later would be a better solution, which would also allow providing an according pull request, adding support for these to future OpenWrt releases.

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Update: I got this working with a custom build. A single option in the kernel config was enough to pull in all the necessary drivers:


I was being a little dim before proposing these as kernel module packages. That's no use at all when they are needed to mount the rootfs where the modules are. It has to be built-in to the kernel.

I would suggest that maybe this should be considered as part of the generic image config.

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