Sanity checking a potential OpenWrt setup with Meraki gear

My company is transitioning to being fully remote, and as we close out our office, we'll have a few pieces of Meraki gear (MX100, MR42, a couple MR18s) whose licenses are about to expire. I'd love to bring them home with me, even though they'd be overkill for my home network. But it's nowhere near worth the $1K+ annual licenses to keep them running with the original software.

So since they're about to become e-waste anyway, I was thinking about firing up my Raspberry Pi and soldering iron, and attempting to flash OpenWrt on them. The worst that happens is they become slightly less functional bricks.

But before I do a deep dive into the documentation and figure out exactly how to pull that off, I wanted to sanity check that my end goal will actually be possible, since I see all three devices have some level of support, but maybe not all with the same version of OpenWrt.

In the end, if I put in the research and work, will I be able to have a network with the MX100 as firewall/router, the various wireless APs spread around my house sharing the same wifi network(s), and be able to control the settings of all of the devices (hopefully infrequently) via some sort of unified web portal?

I'm not expecting the streamlined Meraki cloud experience, and I don't imagine needing to do anything super fancy or customized with the network traffic. But I also don't know if I want to sign up for frequent debugging via serial console either.

Will I be able to pull that off with this hardware and OpenWrt?

OpenWrt can't do this by default. There are a few management solutions being built, but none is preinstalled.

A quick search in the Forum:

Thanks, I'll keep researching management tools.