Samsung clp-360 wireless printing


I was wondering how I can switch from USB printing to wireless?
I followed this guide and was able to print via USB, but I assume I need to do something else to switch to wireless version? (printing doesn't work when I take off USB cord from my Asus RT-N56U.)

I thought this would automatically install wireless support but seems like it is not happening.

if you're going wireless, the PC should talk to the printer directly, not via the router/print server.

The router simply becomes a transport ?

My pc wasn't able to find the printer.

Did you use the designated software to "find" and set up the printer ?


I did try the software but all I got was the following error:

The CLP-360 printer does not have wireless hardware. Or even wired Ethernet. The only way to send data into it is via a USB cord.

The model CLP-365W covered in the same manual does have wireless. Find the features by model chart on page 5.