Same SSID for both radio0/radio1 or not?

For a router having two radios:

radio0 - 2.4GHz
radio1 - 5GHz

Should I create different SSID for each radio?

I want client to use radio1 by default, and switch to radio0 if signal is too weak. Can 802.11r work for same SSID on the same AP but on different radios?

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It seems your suggestion is to have different SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz radios.

So 802.11r does not apply, if I understand it correctly.

Yes, band steering with only 802.11r does not work. There are many postings here about this. I hope that with 21.02 we will get 802.11k and 802.11v in addition, which are a basis for band steering. 802.11r works well for me to change between APs, but not really to change the band of the same AP. The link posted by Ileachii contains links to many other discussions around this.

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Thank you all for the replies.

I settled with the setup below:


  • 2.4G radio0 SSID wifi w/ 802.11r enabled, bridged to br-lan
  • 5G radio0 SSID wifi w/ 802.11r enabled, bridged to br-lan

Dump AP

  • 2.4G radio0 SSID wifi w/ 802.11r enabled, bridge to br-lan

Test with mobile phone:

From Luci, make sure mobile is associated to Router's 5G radio

  • ping from Router to mobile
  • disable Router's 5G
    Result: within 500ms, mobile switched to 2.4G radio on Router
  • enable Router's 5G
    Result: mobile stayed in 2.4G, do not switch back to 5G radio

Using my Notebook, associated to 5G, do ping from Notebook to Router

  • walking away from Router and towards AP.
  • ping might timeout for 1 or 2 packets, then switched to the AP.

So far, I observe:

  • when device power up in range of both 5G and 2.4G, they will connect to 5G
  • when 5G is lost, they switch to 2.4G with 1 or 2 packet lost
  • when 5G is in range again, those device will still stay in 2.4G.

Yes, finally all end up in the 2.4 ghz wifi. You can artficially lower the range of the 2.4ghz wifi, ...

I ended up disabling the 5ghz wifi for now. Saves energy both for the ap and for me :-).

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Seeing your post, I changed the Distance Optimization at my Router.

2.4G to 20m
5G to 50m

Do yo think it will help more device connecting to 5G?

Do not use the distance settings unless you absolutely need to (for distances over 1km).


Anything under 100m is invalid anyways...or should I say, unrecognized.

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Is Distance Optimization in OpenWrt the same thing as Sensitivity Range/Ack Timing in DD-WRT?

Yes, it is...but only values >=100 are accepted in OpenWrt's configs.

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