Same OpenWrt AP, different Subnet


I'm in no way an expert with IT, but someone with a lot of passion, who knows more than the average individual.

So, I have an OpenWRT AP on my network, and want to create another Wireless AP on there, but, on a different subnet, ensuring the devices on that Wireless AP cannot see the other devices in the network.

Is this something that's possible, and how can I do that?

Alternatively, I also have a spare OpenWRT AP just sat there, and would it be easier to connect it in to the existing OpenWRT AP and configure it to be on a different subnet?

The neighbour, a few doors away, asked me to allow usage of my wireless, as they have guests round. I don't mind, but.i have too many smart devices on the network,which I then don't want them to be able to control, or cast their screen/audio to.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


should be easy on same router depending on the wlan devices available. try following the guest wlan guide. i've had luck with it in the past using a second wlan for the unsecure side.

if you set up a second router after configing the subnet just add a firewall rule to reject traffic with destination to secure subnet.

Yeah, a guest SSID on your existing router/AP would simpler, unless you need it to be in a different physical location that's not got coverage from your existing kit.

Thank you. I'm not very familiar with the non-web version, so doing as you instructed, but via the web interface;

Brilliant - it worked!

Finally, is there a way to throttle their internet, when using that particular Guest WiFi, so they don't slow it down for me and my family?

EDIT: Guess I said it too early - it connects, but there's no internet on that Guest WiFi. Where could I have gone wrong?

EDIT 2: @Kastilo - I see you had a similar issue of it not working and I see your fix, which is for the SSH method. How would I do this for the GUI/Web Interface method? [SOLVED] Guest Wifi has no internet access