Same MAC by default in all Newifi-D2 (D4:EE:07:61:AC:87)

Hello, I come from this thread Incomplete downloads in long downloads at low speed 21.02.1 (Newifi-D2), that I started with a problem with my ISP with DHCP and in the end the problem is the MAC that brings my device is not unique D4:EE:07:61:AC:87 appears as the WAN in all (I have 2 equal devices).

This MAC is also referenced here Can't connect to LAN clients on WiFi? and here Newifi D2 Terrible WiFi Performance on OpenWrt - #32 by F5BJR

Is there a problem or is it impossible to get the real MAC by default? (without reading the label)

Thank you

In the url it says:

mt7621: lan mac is at factory 0xe000 and wan mac at factory 0xe006. This is the default location for mt7621 boards in MTK's SDK.

and the address does indeed say D4:EE:07:61:AC:87.
But it is not the MAC of this device, I think there are other versions, I am referring to this version:

You can edit with breed bootloader option MAC

requiert to modify for have good 4 * MAC values**

for the values they must correspond to the label which is not the case
the manufacturer did anything because I have 4 boxes and all the MAC addresses are the same !!!

otherwise these boxes work very well
Question because i have similars p^roblems with MT7915E ' WIFI 6 ) ; have you see the SDK .

My 2 devices have different MAC on the label, but Openwrt says D4:EE:07:61:AC:87 for both of them.

Change your MACs to be different via Breed


I already put the MAC via Luci and I have no problems, I ask because it is something generalized that come with the same MAC that if it is solvable by Openwrt.

I noticed the problem by plugging in several boxes !!!

the addresses you have are exactly the same as I got
the manufacturer did anything because I have 4 boxes and all the MAC addresses are the same !!!

Use MAC as the order & with the base address which corresponds to the product label

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Okay now I get it, that was indeed wrong here, is the MAC on the label the LAN or WAN?

I have set the LAN MAC with the label as another router I have from Vodafone.

Thank you very much for this, no matter how much I update Openwrt I won't have this problem anymore.

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