Same MAC address for both PCI modules

Thanks! Your version looks different (maybe just different revision of the module) than the one from website and also from the FCC database (check this PDF: The one from website and FCC has a place for 8-pin IC on the top side (where the heatsink and antenna connectors are placed) which for me looks definitely like a place for external EEPROM. But I might be just wrong here and the calibration data is stored directly on the QCA9882 chip (it has OTP memory).

My cards have small EEPROM IC on the board (see photo below) where the calibration data (including unique MAC address) is stored. I used a small probes and connected to the EEPROM IC using Raspberry Pi (provided power, GND and I2C clock/data lines) and read out 2 KB from it. This way I have calibration data in a file I can provide to the driver from filesystem.