Same IP on multiples LEDE Routers


I am looking for possible setups with OpenWrt/LEDE.
The setup I am looking for comprehend a large area with multiples LEDE routers.

1. The clients will need to be able to walk thru the area without losing its DHCP given IP, on any router.
2. The clients will need to be able to connect to each other, on any route it is.
3. Different classes (even guests) will have to coexist.

If it was 1 router, this would be pretty forward:

[LAN(main)]--WAN Interface-[Router A]-LAN Interface--[LAN(router A)]

Using a relay dhcp (dnsmasq, isc-dhcp-relay, etc), solves the item [1].
Even for multiple routers, it would work, except for item [2] (no masquerading/NAT).

For item [2] to work (communication direct between clients), if I have a different LAN for each router as:

[LAN(main)]--WAN Interface-[Router A]-LAN Interface--[LAN(router A)] [LAN(main)]--WAN Intrface-[Router B]-LAN InterfacA--[LAN(router B)]
Item [1] would not work as a client moves to another router.

In this case, what kind of setup do I need? what can be done to achieve this?


If you can connect all routers using cable, you just need to configure one as a main router, and the rest as dumb access points.

Use VLANs on the cable to separate each network. Use "fast roaming" (802.11r) if you need it.


It's not very clear form your post whether these routers have separate internet sources or share the same source.

Presuming that they share the same internet source, as @eduperez mentioned, if you can connect the routers together with Ethernet cables, then the one with internet connection (ideally via the WAN port) will be the router (i.e. do the routing), and you may as well set it as the DHCP server (the DHCP server can be run on any other device, but it makes sense to make it on that one). The others will get their internet connection via LAN port, and will do no routing (i.e. they will function as switches/APs only).

If inter-connecting the devices by cables, then you could look into setting WDS, provided they have the same chipset. Note that different reversions of the same model by the same manufactors might have different chipsets. In theory WDS might work between different chipsets, but you have better chances if they are the same.

It goes without saying that you will need to assign a different static IP for each device, outside the DHCP range (e.g. main router, switches/APs from to, then set DHCP to start form

If the routers have different internet sources then this is a different story.