Samba36 server

Tried to build from the development branch today and the samba36 server seems to be missing from the development package repository, I remember someone else asking about it a few weeks ago, so it's been missing a while. I thought I'd just grab the .ipk from the stable branch, but the 17.01 package repository doesn't seem to show it either (currently using 17.01.3 and it installed fine), just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for the correct stable branch package repository.

Samba36 is not installed by default...

SAMBA Server

Right, I'm currently using 17.01.3 and it installs fine, but it won't install in the development builds, so I thought I'd grab the .ipk from the stable build and see if it will install in the development build, but I can't find the samba36 server .ipk in the stable builds package repository.

I found it, was just looking in the wrong section, it's in base, not packages.