Samba36 not sharing /

I all,
First of all I'm running OpenWrt 19.07 x86 legacy.
Same topic 2 years old is unresolved.
I need to share / directory as root by samba, with samba4 no issue but I decided to use samba 36 to limit space used, where other shares work correctly with root and other user the / share let root to access but not to move from there, every sub directory is prohibited.
I used a lot of options without goal:
Enable core files
Admin users
Administrative share.
Digging more deep I started to look for samba logs:
Nothing trough logged
No log created by samba by default
No log created by samba with options smb.conf:
Log file.
Nor logs also modifying samba start sctipt and adding flags for logs.
I know samba is able to share / as root, I've done elsewhere (I used samba 3.5.8).
Any suggestion?

add this to your share template section or global

force user = root
force group = root

No doesn't work for / if I use a child directory sir example /etc it's ok but my target is to reach all my filesystem this is my smb.conf

#	netbios name = nas 
#	display charset = UTF-8
#	interfaces = br-lan zt2lr7k26f
#	server string = Nas
##	unix charset = UTF-8
	workgroup = WORKGROUP
#	bind interfaces only = yes
#	deadtime = 30
#	enable core files = yes
#	writable = yes
#	#invalid users = root
#	local master = yes
#	map to guest = Bad User
#	max protocol = SMB2
#	min receivefile size = 16384
#	null passwords = no
	passdb backend = smbpasswd
	security = user
#	smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd
#	use sendfile = yes

	path = /media/nas
	valid users = nas, root
	read only = no
	guest ok = no
	create mask = 0666
	directory mask = 0777
	browseable = no

	path = /
	valid users = root
	read only = no
	guest ok = no
	create mask = 0655
	directory mask = 0755
	browseable = no
	administrative share = yes
	admin users = root
	force user = root
	force group = root

I just can reach / directory but I can't move from there...

mhh than i'm out of ideas, did you try the same with samba4/ksmbd ?

Samba4 works flawlessly, 5 minutes configuration and all went ok...
But is bigger on filesystem

No one have a solution or at least an idea?

Here I founded the workaround and finally the solution

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