Samba utils samba3

Why there is no smbstatus (samba utils) available for samba 3 in openwrt? I need smbstatus for a script, this way I'm forced to use samba4.. Why?

I'm answering to not leave your question hanging here, and I would welcome anyone more knowledgeable to chime in.

About six years ago, samba-utils have been stripped down and consolidated into a multicall binary, I believe the primary reason was to save space. I am not entirely sure, but this might be the point where smbstatus has been dropped from the compiled package.

You should look into alternatives for Samba 3 anyway. For all intents and purposes, it eventually became unmaintainable and has been dropped from the tree entirely. Going forward beyond 19.07, OpenWrt will not provide packages for Samba3 anymore.

Interesting thanks, my question now is why openwrt still use samba3 then? Why is even available in repos?

That's not really very easy to answer without going very deep into how OpenWrt and its releases are organized. The easiest answer would be: Because it was available 18 months ago (nota bene: Samba4 was not.) That's the status quo you are looking at with 19.07.