Samba share not broadcasting across network

I have installed openwrt on an old Mi Wifi Mini router.
I am using it as a wifi to wifi repeater.
It's connected via 2.4ghz client mode to my main router.
And it's broadcasting on 2.4ghz and 5ghz as a repeater.
I am using relayd to bridge the client interface and lan interface.
I have also assigned it a static IP address in all interfaces, i.e. all lan, client interface and bridge interface have been assigned the same static IP, so it remains constant for the router.
I have disabled the firewall, since this is just a repeater.

Now, since router has very little free space left, I couldn't install the samba server package.
So I installed ksmbd server package and also ksmbd avahi network discovery.
I can successfully access the samba share via my computer.
But I have a Mi Wifi 1080p camera, which stores backup footage on a SMB share over network. It can't see my share.
My best guess is SMB is not broadcasting or something.
I had previously installed padavan firmware on the same router, and it used to work there.

Any clues as to what am I doing wrong here.?

SMB protocol doesn't broadcast. It is up to the client to discover the service. This is achieved in multiple ways the most common being via DNS but also through WINS. You can also connect to SMB without the name resolution service directly by the IP address of the SMB server. Try to configure your camera using the IP address.