Samba home directories

I have samba installed and have an extern HDD drive mounted in openwrt as /home ...
In the /home directory are my users directories.

I added the users with adduser and smbpasswd -a
I can mount the home diretories on my clients. I can read the files, but i cant write files. i can write file with root, only.
Have anybody the right config?

Sounds like a permission issue on OS level.

OS level? Where do I config that?

On OS level?

How were the home directories created?

I created them on my old FritzBox ( freetz ), with a ssh terminal, coz on freetzOS there was a samba-server, too. On freetzOS the home shares was working.

Check the permissions on those dirs.

For testing i set all to 0777, but that doesnt matter to the client ...

I am using the following crontabs command every five minutes.

*/5 * * * * chmod 777 -R /mnt/sda

Why do you do that?

It might sound a little silly. In order to make changes on the files I downloaded with Transmission, I had to give permissions all the time. It gives automatic permission with this command, so I can make changes to the files. There is probably another solution, but I couldn't find it.

set the umask param for the files transmission DLds ?