Samba Client Only Option?

I want to use my OpenWRT router as an occasional torrent downloader, but I don't want to connect a USB drive to it. I simply want it to mount an SMB share from my Mac, then write the downloads into that share.

The problem is, I can't find anything about how to just set up Samba CLIENT on OpenWRT. All the guides out there for Samba are all about configuring the router as a full Samba server, and I don't want it to be a Samba server, I just want to mount one stinking SMB share from my mac ...

Anyone out there got any experience doing that with OpenWRT?



check out

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Thanks frollic, I skimmed it and will go back now and read it more carefully but just skimming it is intimidating ... why cant things ever be just simple in linux environments... lol I mean it's not like smb share mounting is a rare and not often used thing ... should be built in damnit! :slight_smile: