Samba 4.x package support thread

Samba 4.20-DEV Revision #5 (Snapshot/Master) Makefile package :

  • This is most likely would be useful when 4.20 Final comes out, as we don't need starting from scratch make / edit the current Samba4 Makefile
  • Most likely would be compatible with latest Samba Master/Snapshot git. Will update this post if there are changes in the Makefile
  • Not at all or thoroughly tested, only compile and run-tested on x86-64 platform.
  • Please help out samba development team.

Changelog Revision #5 :


Changelog Revision #4 :

  • Removed 104-samba-4.12-unbundle-icu.patch to see if it's bring UTF8_NORMALISATION

Changelog Revision #3 :

  • Fixed recursively selecting it's own "SAMBA4_SERVER_ICU"
  • Trying to more enabling NLS (iconv) for more probable strings helper (need tester).

Changelog Revision #2 :

  • Re-enable libicu, might be helpful those who are problematic currently on macOS as the client, need to be selected from make menuconfig in Samba "SAMBA4_SERVER_ICU" (need tests), I just come across a written up that libicu in SAMBA4 are used as somekind of UTF8_NORMALISATION , more in here.
  • Fixed compilation with liburing (need tests)

Anyway, here is the Samba 4.20-DEV Revision #5 archive:

To use it , delete, replace all files and folders inside ./feeds/packages/net/samba4 with the contents from the archive file.

Initiate clean & recompilation with "make package/samba4/{clean,compile} -j1 V=s"

Link was down, so re-upload it.

[EDIT #2]
Revision #2 posted.