Samba 4 Permissions for specific user

There's no need to mount remote file system:

rsync -a /local/path/ root@

The oddest thing is, I am using Samba 4 yet Im still getting issues with unix. How do I mount different samba versions in file managers? There's no exact command on my system that allows me to mount specific versions

For some reason on Budgie, I have to mount the file system to get it to start backing up. Tried on deja dup and Grsync

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Make sure you have specified the correct user name and set up key-based authentication:

Im not using dropbear, and ssh doesn't mount to the samba drive.

Rsync is best to use directly over SSH as it helps to preserve permissions, minimize overhead and provide encryption, but you need to install it on both client and server side:

opkg update
opkg install rsync

No clue, via cli use this:

mount -t cifs -o username=<USERNAME>,password=<your_password>,vers=3.0 //server/share /mnt/point

Ok, it seems setting up Samba for this is getting really messy. How can I setup a NFS share? I was suggested that instead of Samba because of the UNIX permission issues