Samba 4.9.x package support thread


mhh seems something changed, compared to the last time i created the waf-answer files, will investigate this.


@panda-mute I need your diffconfig and target/subtarget and what sdk you compile against. I cant reproduce this, i get:

Checking for a 64-bit host to support lmdb: NO
Checking errno of iconv for illegal multibyte sequence: OK
Checking for kernel change notify support: OK
Checking for Linux kernel oplocks: OK
Checking for kernel share modes: OK
Checking if can we convert from CP850 to UCS-2LE: OK
Checking if can we convert from UTF-8 to UCS-2LE: OK

PS: For my extra freed, the cross-execute based locally created cross-answer.txt is now also included with the package in /etc/samba. This should help check basic configuration errors or notice differences from default cross-answers.


Ok, now running the latest release and this one works fine! nice :slight_smile:
only thing that needed some fiddling with was the avahi service which for some reason didn't start on startup, and made the shares invisible for the mac. Guess that is some sort of quirck in my config.


I use the openwrt master branch with the latest source code compile, and switch libc from musl to glibc.
Please check the openwrt config and cross answer.txt from the following link. Thanks!

The interesting thing is when use the code in your repo(openwrt-extra), the issue is gone!


What answers you get with stock musl config?

Mhh you use the qemu option for the extra freed build or stock answer files?

PS: When did you test my extra repo, since i just (today) updated to 4.9.5, so maybe there was a fix?


@Andy2244, you have my report about the same situation in LInksys WRT thread about 4 months ago. I also have half-reading speeds at my WRT3200. Still exist.

However, new bug comes - seems like sometimes samba lock the files - if it was created by it, you don't overwrite it until restart. It's started somewhere in January and still exist.

@diizzy SATA provides more stable rates and consumes less CPU for me. However, it
s the only option for good SSD.


Try 4.9.5 from extra, i think there was something about lockfiles in the changelog.

PS: If you don't need vfs modules, you can try cifsd as samba alternative, but be aware that it has no wsdd2 support yet, so you need to use manual network paths + mount.