Samba 4.9.x package support thread


mhh so you used the menuconfig option and enabled the ad-dc option, how did you install all? The ldb module should be provided by samba4 itself, it should be installed into the python dir. Can you check if the python dir is in the samba4 package?


Yep I enabled AD-DC in menuconfig and then installed samba4-server on my router from resulting custom feed along with krb5-server package and python and few other ones.
Also can confirm that there is a python dir in the package. I can see module there but it seems that it is not what it wants.


mhh i must admit i have not tested this option via package-builder, i know that was testing this config and it seemed to work for him, but i suspect he build its own full firmware. Maybe you can ping him and ask if he had a similar problem.


See what version optware provides. If you have the storage space, it may be a considerably easier route.


i'm user of asus ac88u arm device.
i've installed entware ng on merlin firmware.
'cause merlin firmware only supports samba 3.6, i've installed samba 4.9.2 entware repo.
but i guess it does not include nmbd. no nmbd file on /opt/sbin and restarting samba (S91smb script) shows nmbd fail message. nmbd -V shows ver 3.6.xx. by merlin firmware. i need nmbd version 4.x 'cause my oppo bluray player has log in issue on version 3.6.


For now i can only point to my , you have to enable menuconfig in the config and than you can select netbios from the options menu.

I will compare the size again with netbios enabled and if its just a minor size change i will include it again in default builds, since there seem to-be a couple of users that still require netbios.


thank you for reply.
i'll try but i do not know version, target, subtarget for my asus rt-ac88u running entware ng(maybe not supported router?).
i hope netbios enabled soon.


Ah sorry my fault, i assumed you use openwrt.
The merlin firmware is not compatible, supported with my builder. I also have no idea how entware builds it samba4 packages and the last time i asked them, they used some custom build file, not the one i'm maintaining for openwrt.

So even if i enable nmbd for my builds that wont help you, unless you switch to openwrt.


i have this error

become_local_master_browser: Error - cannot find server NO-MORE-LAG-ROUTER in workgroup WORKGROUP on subnet