Samba 4.9 vfs_ext_audit does not exist

building samba 4.9 get the error that vfs_ext_audit does not exist - this on arm mvebu

the build of samba 4.9 on x86_64 works fine

any clues to fix this issue ? can't find anything/anyone that hit this problem
thank you

Thanks its a typo, should be vfs_extd_audit. If you don't use AD-DC features you can disable the option and it will compile fine. Will open a PR to fix this bug.

Thank you
Changed Makefile replacing vfs_ext_audit with vfs_extd_audit and ran on the build_dir
samba-4.9.0$ find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/vfs_ext_audit/vfs_extd_audit/g' {} ;

Fix is also already in snapshots.