Sagemcom RAC2V1S Router support?

I Didn't see it on the list of available devices but then again I thought maybe every router hasn't been tested yet and google doesn't come up with much results on whether anyone has even attempted to get OpenWRT on this router as no one is talking about it. It has a USB in the back of the router and would that make it easier to flash the iso on a usb stick or is the standard method still the best way? I don't wanna brick my router or anything attempting it and was wondering if there's a way to set everything back to factory default in case it doesn't work and I don't completely ruin the device?

(Manuel for the router)
got it from spectrum's site:

RAC2V1S aka F@ST 5280

Hardware specs:

Currently zero devices with BCM4906 supported by OpenWrt.

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That's unfortunate. Thanks, man!

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