Sagemcom F@st 5655v2

Good day, I own this new router, is there any possibility to get ROOT SSH access?

Hardware Version 1.0
Software Version SG3G10000392
GUI Version 1.110.38

The config file is with Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD).


53/tcp open tcpwrapped
80/tcp open tcpwrapped
443/tcp open tcpwrapped
49152/tcp open tcpwrapped
49153/tcp open tcpwrapped

Does anyone know the Super Admin / Root password????

or do I have to read the Firmware via JTAG or via EEPROM? or via USB TTL? :innocent:

Is there a possibility?

Detailed data about the router PDF

Who can help me?


Many greetings

And thanks in advance

There is actually a way to get ssh access following this tutorial:

Let me know if it still works