Sagem F@st 3965CV with OpenWrt? (Not listed on ToH)

Hi, the Sagemcom F@st has the following specs:

  • CPU: IKF7185 @500MHz MIPS 34Kc
  • The Flash chip: Micron MT29F1G08ABADA (1Gbit/128MB)
  • The RAM chip: Elpida E1116AJBG-6E-F (1Gbit/128MB)

It isn't listed on the table of hardware and I can't seem to find any previous posts about it. Thanks!

That probably has a reason.

There is no SOC support for Ikanos chipsets, nor any driver for their xDSL modems, chances for that to change in the future are slim to none.

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Didn't know that. thanks. I'm not using it as a modem, just for the router function on it. Would another firmware be able to work with it or is Ikanos unsupported everywhere?

your google skills are probably just as good as ours ...

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