Safesearch/adblock understanding problem

Hey guys

I've problem with understanding how to enable SafeSearch. I'm using Luci 19.7 with Adblock 4.0.7.

I enabled SafeSearch. After enabling there's a new menu item "Limit SafeSearch".

Imo "Limit SafeSearch" don't has to be enabled if I would like to have SafeSearch.

But whatever I do ... Nothing happend. GoogleSearch is still GoogleSearch.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Please provide the output of /etc/init.d/adblock status and cat /etc/config/adblock - thanks.

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Here it is.

/etc/init.d/adblock status
::: adblock runtime information
  + adblock_status  : enabled
  + adblock_version : 4.0.7
  + blocked_domains : 44617
  + active_sources  : adaway adguard android_tracking disconnect winhelp winspy yoyo 
  + dns_backend     : dnsmasq, /tmp/dnsmasq.d
  + run_utils       : /bin/uclient-fetch, /usr/bin/awk
  + run_ifaces      : trigger: -, report: br-lan
  + run_directories : base: /tmp, backup: /tmp, report: /tmp, jail: /tmp
  + run_flags       : backup: 1, reset: 0, flush: 0, force: 1, search: 1, report: 1, mail: 0, jail: 0
  + last_run        : start, 1m 1s, 123/36/20, 22.07.2021 10:01:44
  + system          : BT Home Hub 5A, OpenWrt 19.07.7 r11306-c4a6851c72
cat /etc/config/adblock 

config adblock 'global'
        option adb_enabled '1'
        option adb_debug '0'
        option adb_dnsfilereset '0'
        option adb_mail '0'
        option adb_backup '1'
        option adb_maxqueue '4'
        option adb_dns 'dnsmasq'
        option adb_fetchutil 'uclient-fetch'
        option adb_report '1'
        option adb_nice '10'
        list adb_sources 'adaway'
        list adb_sources 'adguard'
        list adb_sources 'android_tracking'
        list adb_sources 'disconnect'
        list adb_sources 'winhelp'
        list adb_sources 'winspy'
        list adb_sources 'yoyo'
        option adb_forcedns '1'
        option adb_safesearch '1'
        option adb_repiface 'br-lan'

While I was playing with the settings, I noticed that the report-interface can't be unspecific on start or restart. If U set it to unspecific and do the save&apply, adblock gets a reload and it works (unspecific). But eyerytime U start or restart adblock, it gets back to br-lan.

Now its is working. Everything is fine. I don't why. Maybe it took some time to apply.

Thanks for the update. Your config looks OK - most probably a browser/operating system caching issue.

Yes, also possible. True. It works. Thats ok for me.

The complexity of modern information technology systems often makes it difficult to find the cause.

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