Safe Startup-Configuration


I just wanted to ask if there is any way or plan in future to get something like cisco did with their kinf od "Failover"-configuration.
You have (i remember) 3 kinds of configurations:

  • Startup Config - A configuration that is loaded at startup
  • Running Config - A configuration that is mostly the startup configuration with the additional changes you made
  • Reset Config - A Configuration that is loaded if you reset the device

All configurations are just temporary (running config). If you are shure and everything is working fine, then you copy the running config to the startup config.
It has one spetial thing i like: if you brick the configuration and you will not be able to access the device again (so it would also not be possible to copy the running config to the startup config) you just reboot the device by power it off and on - then the last startup config will be loadet.

I know that there is the failsafe mode in lede - but i do not feel quite comfortable with this mode.

Is there any chance to get something like that?

Kind Regards, C.Hackl