S2s connect but cannot connect to client devices

hi all,
I have 2 glinet v300 mango:

  • one is located in office and works as a server of s2s connection with goodcloud;
  • second is out of office and works as a client for s2s connection.

if i connect to glinet server side with ssh I can ping the gateway of client ( and a device connected to it ( with lan cable

while if I connect to server glinet with wifi connection using my windows laptop, I cannot ping glinet client or devices connected to lan of the same (previous mentioned or

in goodcloud I set in “Configure LAN IP and Access Control” in client side.

where I did mistakes?

why my laptop connected to glinet server but cannot ping devices connected to client glinet while s2s is established?
many thanks in adavance

Are you using Gl-inet's firmware?

ubus call system board

Goodcloud is definitely a GL proprietary thing and outside the scope of this forum. Similar services which are supported on official OpenWrt include Zerotier and Tailscale.

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