S/wiki/site/ in LEDE wiki

There is now only one "main web presence" for LEDE. Both www.lede-project.org and wiki.lede-project.org point to the Dokuwiki site. (We will, of course, continue to support the Discourse forum at forum.openwrt.org)

I have started to remove language that talks about "editing the wiki" and changing it to "editing this site" (since there's no difference between the two). I've found most of the places where it's practical/useful to make the change. (Obviously, we should leave alone links to "wiki syntax", etc.)

Some places require admin access to change. The two I have found so far are the header and the footer. I propose these changes:

  • Header: s/LEDE Project Wiki/LEDE Project/
  • Footer: s/content on this wiki is licensed/content on this site is licensed/

Would someone with admin access update these? Thanks.

I changed the former but adjusting the latter is harder as it would require modifying the template which I'd like to avoid.

Great. If the latter turns into a burr under our saddle, we can fix it. Thanks!

Speaking of the wiki - the new front page could really use some obvious link to the forum etc.

How about putting a link to the forum in the sidebar?

Yeah, that would work

Done. The only fly in the ointment is that the "external link" icon is there (disrupting the clean look of the sidebar...)


Fixed via css.

EDIT: Please check if you see the "Blue bar" again in the sidebar. Maybe I accidentially fixed this too :slight_smile:

I believe you did (fix both the blue bar, and the external icon). At no time did his fingers leave his hands... Thanks!

I am missing prominent links to
-) email lists (archive)
-) bugs (flyspray)

Both are listed on the (newly-renamed) "Contact Us" link in the navigation on each page. The Bug Tracker is also listed on the Developer Guide in the Documentation section.

Where else could we display it? Thanks.

It's back... The "Blue Bar", at least.

The "external link" icon for the Forum remains gone/hidden, but the blue background behind "Welcome to the LEDE Project" in the navbar is there now. (Having gone on holiday for a couple days, I think :slight_smile: )

Update; Maybe this is a hint: in the :sidebar page, the "Welcome to LEDE Project" link is bolded, without any markup to indicate why...

That's weird.

I have seen the blue bar before appearing again, but only on chrome, not on FF. Yes, reload + cache emptying has been done.
Now, I don't see it, neither in chrome nor in FF.


Now it's gone for me (Chrome, FF, and Safari on OSX). And the external icon link is gone as well. So the navbar looks exactly as desired.

Whatever you did, Great Job! :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure if this is the "blue bar" that you are talking about, but I see a difference between two address variants:

I would imagine that there should be no difference between those two addresses, but apparently some CSS style sheet is picky.

Ps. I also noticed that E.g. Microsoft Edge hides by default the "www." from the address displayed, so it can be a bit hard to spot the exact address you are using.

@hnyman - yes, that's exactly the blue bar I was speaking of.

And yes, you're right: it's present if I go to www.lede-project.org, and not if go to the domain without "www".

Is there a HSTS setting somewhere either for https://www.lede-project.org or https://lede-project.org forcing HTTPS access for all lede-project.org sites???

The reason I am asking is that since the I www/wiki merge, the buildbot has been partially unreachable. For some reason Firefox wants to access the buildbot web interface with https although my bookmark is http and I have always used http for it. The buildbot does not offer https interface, so the request hangs.

Example: http://phase2.builds.lede-project.org/grid gets re-directed to https by the browser, but direct ip works:

In email conversation @jow told me that he has noticed the same problem with Chrome & Firefox and the problem can be fixed in Firebox by clearing the "site preferences" so that Firefox forgets that lede-project.org requires https. That seems to help, but is a nuisance.

I cleared the settings yesterday and buildbot was accessible until I visited both https://www.lede-project.org and https://lede-project.org when looking for the "blue box".

I again cleared the "site preferences" and buildbot was accessible, but after visiting https://lede-project.org the buildbot immediately turned inaccessible as the browser again wants https. So I suspect that the possible https://lede-project.org HSTS setting contaminates the whole lede-project.org domain, not just the www server answering in that address.

Opening Firefox history, selecting https://lede-project.org from the list of visited sites and selecting "forget about this site" seems to help, too. But nuisance.

Yes, there is on the wiki and we did forget about that when switching the domain (its include-subdomains flag is the actual culprit). So anyhow - I added HTTPS support to the buildbots now and made some other missing resources available via HTTPS as well. Please let me know if you find missing stuff.

@jow I still see the blue bar issue described above:

https://lede-project.org/ -> blue bar present
https://www.lede-project.org/ -> blue bar present
https://wiki.lede-project.org/ -> no blue bar (desired state)

There is some css present that makes the blue bar appear, but why is this css loading or not depending on the subdomain?

A quite old issue https://github.com/splitbrain/dokuwiki/issues/683 and https://www.dokuwiki.org/faq:no_styles suggest that it could be related to CSS compression.

dokuwiki config option (accessible via config manager):

Compact CSS and javascript output

compress ON @time of writing the above posting
https://lede-project.org/ -> blue bar present
https://www.lede-project.org/ -> blue bar present
https://wiki.lede-project.org/ -> no blue bar (desired state)

compress OFF (just the other way round as before)
https://lede-project.org/ -> no blue bar
https://www.lede-project.org/ -> no blue bar
https://wiki.lede-project.org/start -> blue bar

compress ON
https://lede-project.org/ -> blue bar
https://www.lede-project.org/ -> blue bar
https://wiki.lede-project.org/start -> blue bar

compress OFF
https://lede-project.org/ -> blue bar
https://www.lede-project.org/ -> blue bar
https://wiki.lede-project.org/start -> blue bar


(Tested with FF + chrome)