RX Rate / TX Rate point of view

In the OpenWrt -> Network -> Wireless screen.
Is the "Associated Stations" column "RX Rate / TX Rate" from the point of view of the AP or the client station?
I.e. It is RX towards the AP or RX towards the client station?

It is the point-of-view of the OpenWrt device. I used the term "the OpenWrt device" because most OpenWrt devices can be configured as an AP or STA (client). In any case, I'm not sure how the statistics could be for some other point-of-view TBH.


  • the RX stats are for the OpenWrt's radio reception
  • the TX stats are for the OpenWrt's radio transmission

:bulb: It may be easier to think this way - if you're looking at the OpenWrt's output, it's safe to conclude that the displayed stats are for the OpenWrt.