RUT955 - Temperature Monitoring

I am trying to get temperature info on the Teltonika RUT955.
I installed the openwrt snapshot image, then LuCI, LuCI statistics, and additional collectd plugins mod_sensors and mod_thermal.

However, when trying to activate both plugins for collectd, I succeed on "Thermal" only,
Activation of "Sensors" gives "NotfoundError, Executable not found", plugin remains disabled.

Update: I manually
"opkg install lm-sensors"
and "NotfoundError" disappeared. I could enable the mod_sensors for collectd.
However, still no statistics graph displayed.
Howeve, org Teltonika firmware displays temperature info.
Any idea, how they acquire it ?

By reading temperature from 4G modem, not device itself.

Splendid. Thank you very much.

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