RUT955: Anybody using 2 SIMs?

After temp pausing to try to use 2 SIMs from different cell providers, for backup purposes, I am looking forward at resuming this task. May be, somebody else can already give a success story ?

According to this commit the SIMs "can be swapped via GPIO".
See what you have in your GPIO list.

Yea, thats correct. However, I am more concerned regarding possible implications for QMI, if any.

Well, I would disconnect the data connection first and put the modem into airplane mode before switching the SIM slots.

Sometimes it is possible to use the same QMI network settings for both carriers. If you leave APN undefined the modem should read the APN that the carrier stored on their SIM. If not you'll have to write two QMI configurations and disable the one that is not in use.

In /etc/config/system there should be a block called sim_sel which is a high level way to flip the GPIO level.

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