Running stable release (19.07.x) on EMG2926 / NBG6716

Hello everyone, I’m trying to run the stable release on my EMG2926 and here is my situation:

I managed to build and TFTP flash a snapshot RAS image by setting RAS_BOARD to EMG2926 since I wasn’t able to change the uboot env hostname by serial. Thanks @avalentin for fixing the image generation by the way.

I then tried to flash a ar71xx image with a forced sysupgrade but I ended up with a boot loop and some reset uboot env variables (ethaddr, countrycode, serialnum) after my attempt to mtd on /dev/mtd7 thinking it was firmware. Did I make any harm after this?

Right now here are the possibilities that I think of, could you help me choosing best one?

  • My preferred solution would be back porting ath79 since its seems pretty complete judging I already cherry picked all related commits by subject but the device doesn’t show up in menuconfig and I’m not sure if I need additional commits / changes / configuration.
  • Replace every occurrences of emg2926 by nbg6716 in uboot env and try to TFTP a RAS ar71xx image but I don’t see such thing for 6716, only for 6616, 6617 and 6817.
  • Something different that will make my day!

Thanks for your precious help :pray:

So, I restored some uboot env variables and changed emg2926 to nbg6716 to ease future upgrades. The only one missing/bad is countrycode but it doesn’t seems to cause any troubles.

The main goal for running stable for me is to keep the ability to add packages when needed. The solution I found was to download all the build snapshot packages (1.3Go) available at the URLs in /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf and then pointing them to a local server of mine since the build signature will change after ~24h.

My question is: does the build signature change for every snapshot packages or only for the kernel modules?

If it only changes for the kernel modules (openwrt_core), I guess that I just have to download them and leave the rest pointing to OpenWrt servers or will I run in incompatibilities and bugs?