Running OpenWrt on an RPi 4B - Containers or keep it simple

Good night, I have been gifted a RPi 4B 8GB, and can finally give openwrt a try, I'm current running my ISP modem/router and I'm on a 4G connection (max 60/20Mbps).

I already have a USB to ethernet adapter, since I don't have any VLAN capable switch.

Previously I was running pihole on an older RPi 3B, but given current electricity prices (0.30€/kWh), I would love to be able to run everything on the new 4B(and because it's an 8GB model, so plenty of RAM). I have read a bit about the openwrt adblock, but it seems like it's not as polished, so I would like to know if there is a way to run pihole and openwrt on the same device.

Next question, should I go for ext4 or squashfs filesystem? Any drawbacks from using squashfs?

I'm planning on buying a ubiquiti U6 Lite, since it's one of the cheapest WiFi 6 APs(around 110€ after shipping), would it be possible to also run the unifi controller within openwrt, at least for a couple months, till openwrt support matures for the U6 Lite?

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Have you looked at adguardhome. I switched over to that after using pi-hole and rather like it. I think that the version in the latest openwrt is broken but it is easy to download the latest and install manually. I was running openwrt/adguardhome on a Pi4 for a long time and only changed it because the SSD died and I decided to switch to a OrangePi R1 plus to try out.

...or just port blocky and be done with it? :slight_smile:

There are several other options available too that just runs as-is.

I have seen it talked about a lot, and compared with pi-hole. I dont trust it as much as I trust pi-hole.
It might work just like pi-hole, but wont they collect all the DNS data? Or just stop being free one day..

@diizzy Could you list some of those options?
I only program PLCs, industrial robots and C#, porting all that into openwrt isn't something I could do in a sensible time frame :confused:

Just start simple and extend as necessary. luci-app-adblock might not quite compete with pi-hole, but it gets the job done with minimal effort, at least give it a try before looking further.

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I don't know about the data collection. I assumed that it is just a local service. I certainly didn't have to create an account so I can't see how they could track anything except IP Addresses and I routinely go via my own home built VPN in the cloud so presumably only anonymous data would be collected

You are correct, going to start slow and easy, and give what works natively a try. Thanks for your input.