Running 2 openwrt devices - router and VPN

Hi guys. To say I am new to openwrt would be a liar because I am yet to own or install my first installation. I am in the research stage and have been doing lots of reading on which device and setup work work for me best.

I am looking to get the GL.iNet Spitz (GL-X750) device as my main router. But because the device hardware is a bit limited for running a VPN server. I am considering also getting the nanopi r2s and run that (with openwrt) as strictly a VPN server.
the x750 would be the router (Internet connection via LTE) but VPN server would be handled by the R2s which has a relatively beefy hardware to handle this without issue. Would such a set up be possible?

Yes, it would be possible. Offloading the VPN usage to a dedicated device is possible, but slightly more complex (port forwardings and settings according routes on the router) than doing it on the router (it's still reasonable to accomplish and necessary at higher speeds).

Be aware that most (all) LTE ISPs I now only provide a filtered and NATed IPv4 connectivity, this doesn't need to be an issue if you're using a commercial VPN service, but would be if expect to connect into your network from the road.

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