Run Plex on HooToo HT-TM06

Hey everyone, wondering if someone could help answer a question for me.

And I will say in advance, I’m not a programmer, I don’t know how to code, but I’m very good at following instructions and troubleshooting. Willing to learn.

I have a HooToo tripmate (HT-TM06) that I used as a “private travel server” for my kids to watch movies on when we went on road trips. Idk what happened to HooToo, but their iOS app is no longer supported and I can’t use the device anymore for what it’s intended.

I also run my own Plex server at home and use it all the time. It’s just an old PC that I repurposed. So I’m very familiar with Plex.

I came across this discussion which gave me some hope as to possibly running Plex in a container on the device?

Would anyone have any recommendations to be able to make the TripMate usable again?

I don’t need it to transcode. Just direct playback as I’ve converted the video files to the right format and size.

Thanks in advance!

First of all i don't know of a plex build for mipsel. Most likely because plex is quite cpu intensive.
Short version - you can't.
I think smallest form factor for plex are raspberry PIs - if you can source it nowadays

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You’re probably right. In that case, do you know of any firmware I could swap out on this thing to make it do the same type of thing? I just want to be able to stream movies from it wirelessly. Ty

So you want stream movies saved on its usb or microsd storage?
I'd say some dlna software with openwrt is your best bet.
Open a new thread or modify the title maybe this community can recommend something as I haven't used dlna for quite a few years

What are you using as stream/play device?

Put a VPN client on it, and connect to the home server?

Plex uses its own publishing/discovery method, the port for it needs to be open either manually or thru upnpd.

What's stopping you from doing it via the tunnel?

OP mentioned the usage via road trips - one might think about no or limited bandwidth to consume media online that's why local availability (usb/mmc) might be preferred