Run OpenWrt on Single Board Computer along with Custom Linux App?

Hello, I am asking if its possible to run OpenWrt on a Single Board Computer that has a WiFi Module and two Ethernet connectors. And along with this I want to run a custom Linux Application that uses Standard C socket calls to communicate from one of the Ethernet connectors to the other. I will need the OpenWrt to also route standard Ethernet packets from one of the Ethernet connectors out the WiFi module.


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Sure, just purchase such a Single Board Computer that's compatible with OpenWrt and install away.

And after you compile the application for your board (using the SDK available on the downloads page where you find the firmware), you may need to install libstdcpp6 - it should then run on the OpenWrt.

  • This is what a router does - OpenWrt is capable of this
  • If you're referring to forwarding (i.e. standard AP Ethernet bridging), OpenWrt is capable of this too