Run OLSR protocol in Docker container

I can not run OLSR in Docker container

My dockerfile

FROM zoobab/lede-17.01.0-rc2-r3131-42f3c1f-x86-64
RUN opkg update
RUN opkg install olsrd
RUN mkdir /etc/olsrd
COPY olsrd.conf /etc/olsrd/olsrd.conf
ENTRYPOINT [“olsrd”,“-nofork”]

I got this error

Downloading Collected errors:

Your iPhone 7 called, and said it was time to upgrade ...

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Do you have any specific needs for olsr and you can not/do not want to run olsr2?
If not consider using olsr2 because olsr is as far as I remember not even supported/maintained since years. If in doubt check their Mailinglist they are more then willing to offer help as much as they can.

Edit: maybe share some details about your setup because the package file you linked is present and just downloads fine so something is faulty with your docker setup. And to add another question: why do you need to run olsr in docker, and within an ancient Lede release?

Hi bernd
Many thanks for your reply, it is much appreciated.

I have a network with 50 docker containers I need to run OLSR in each container (node).
It does not matter OLSR or OLSR2.

Jo, then consider and give olsr2 a try.
May I ask why you want olsr(2) in docker? It sounds like a lab? Do you plan to use it for a wireless mesh network?
And do everyone a favor and try to stick to a more recent OpenWrt or lede release :wink:

I need OLSR for MANET.
if you have a link or Dockerfile to install OLSR in Docker container would you please share it with me, it would be much appreciated.