Rujie reyee rg ew3200gx pro

Hey guys I'm noob in this can you please tell me how to add openwrt on rujiee reyee rg ew3200gx pro step by step please and also will wifi6 will work as well in openwrt cheers

You'll find the basic information here:

The instructions are found in the git commit:;a=commit;h=ce8a33b021a703b1933f627835f6cdc88c0ecdd3

What's tftp?

Here you go - link:

Beo it's very complicated for me i can't do it lol

This device certainly requires some knowledge of how to use a UART connection and tftp. Installing OpenWrt itself isn't necessarily that complicated, but if you don't have the prerequisite experience, you'd need to learn a bit before you can get to the ultimate goal of installing OpenWrt.

Yeah that's true that's why I'm not gonna do right now bro

Same device, different firmware, but the details on how to open it, would be the same