Rtsp-simple-server with OpenWrt

hello everyone

I would like to use my mobile router (GL iNet Mudi) and a USB Camera as a Baby Phone. Now there is a very simple way with the MJPG streamer which works.
But unfortunately only with MJPG and without Text Oberlay (to check if the connection is OK). I was looking for a modern alternative with H264 like the rtsp simple server (https://github.com/aler9/rtsp-simple-server).
How difficult is it to adapt this for OpenWRT (MIPS CPU)? Or is there also someone where you could order something like this (also against payment)?
I think there are people who are very interested in doing somthing in this way and not streaming everything over a China cloud.
I would love it most if it goes easy like the MJPG streamer, as a software package in OpenWRT and a luci configuration module (with luci-app-mjpg-streamer).

Thanks Dani

What you suggesting is too complex, time consuming, expensive? I ordered off the shelf camera tapo c110 which has rtsp stream. Block all internet traffic except ntp and then use vlc to stream the rtsp.