Rtl8822cu for OpenWrt

I have connected a realtek tl8822cu Wi-Fi module to the modem via USB (mt7620 modem core)
Which driver should I use to recognize the WiFi module?


I know about this
But I want to know what driver can I use with all the bugs?

There is none available in mainline or OpenWrt, you will have to search one yourself (on realtek's website, on random github repos of various states and stages, using your preferred search engine). Once you've decided on a source for your driver, you will have to package it up for OpenWrt (and probably fix a couple of cross-compilation issues in the process), compile it (and the rest of OpenWrt) - and finally create some glue code for its netifd integration.
AP mode is probably never going to be possible anyways (vendor driver not nl80211 based).

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