RTL8812au load error on OpenWrt 18.06.02

I'm trying to add support for rtl8812au to Rasphbery PI 3B+ (64 bit).

  • OpenWRT ver 18.06.02
  • rtl8812au ver

I was able to compile module without any errors or warnings, how ever insmod failed:

   root@OpenWrt:/bac# insmod 8812au.ko
    failed to insert 8812au.ko
    root@OpenWrt:/bac# dmesg
   [ 1475.582119] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_connect_bss (err 0)
   [ 1475.591003] 8812au: Unknown symbol __ieee80211_get_channel (err 0)

I found info that I should copy "Module.symvers" from build_dir/target.../linux-.../compat-wireless into the folder "staging_dir/target.../usr/include/mac80211/Module.symvers.

How ever the Module.symvers not exist in build_dir (tested on Openwrt 18.06.02 and lede 17.01.4)

How to fix references to cfg80211_connect_bss and __ieee80211_get_channel ?