RTL8812au and RTL8192eu drivers

On the Lamobo R1 board I have tried the drivers for 8812au - driver worked, but Luci seems to report Device not active, and for 8192eu (managed to compile from https://github.com/kukulo2011/rtl8192eu-linux-driver against 22.03 Openwrt branch). With 8192eu driver I have the same behavior with Luci - Device not active.
Both drivers report AP mode, so Luci detects them, but after a while it starts to block the default 8192cu driver on the board. The Luci reports then both radios as not active, when I unplug the 8192eu or 8812au USB wireless drives and reboot the board, the default radio 8192cu starts to work. I also tried to recompile the package only with 8812au driver, but the radio is not active.

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Tried to reboot the board while connected to the serial and the usb device after reboot does not accept the usb address. Anyone did meet this behavior?

The compilation and build runs without a problem, the driver loads, but the response in Luci after enabling wifi is nothing, moreover the driver conflicts with the onboard wifi 8192cu driver. To reenable the onboard driver I need to remove the usb wifi dongle and restart the board. I have the same behavior with two different drivers, so my guess is either a hardware conflict on usb level or a coincidence software conflict on a driver level.