RTL8733BS SDIO Wifi driver issue

Hi everyone,

I'm working on camera device based on mips CPU with OpenWrt 19.07.10.
We porting rtl8733bs driver to OpenWrt with following compile options.

export KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS:="${STAGING_DIR}/pkginfo/mac80211.symvers" 
      -I$(PKG_BUILD_DIR) \
      -I$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/include \
      -I$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include/mac80211-backport \
      -I$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include/mac80211-backport/uapi \
      -I$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include/mac80211 \
      -I$(STAGING_DIR)/usr/include/mac80211/uapi \
      -include backport/backport.h

During compile part, anything is good.
When I try to insert driver, the wifi driver can not find the phy0 device, log is

[   13.512493] RTW: rtw_wiphy_alloc((null))
[   13.516493] RTW: rtw_wdev_alloc(padapter=48c27f5f)
[   13.521337] RTW: rtw_wiphy_register((null))
[   13.525575] RTW: Register RTW cfg80211 vendor cmd(0x67) interface
[   13.531742] RTW: rtw_wiphy_register((null)) wiphy_register() return -22
[   13.538390] RTW: rtw_wdev_free(wdev=fc4ca593)
[   13.542827] RTW: rtw_wiphy_free((null))
[   13.546698] RTW: rtw_dev_unload: bup==_FALSE
[   13.550992] RTW: +r871xu_dev_remove, hw_init_completed=0

Following log is working wifi device.

RTW: rtw_wiphy_alloc(phy0)
RTW: rtw_wdev_alloc(padapter=a6ded5d8)
RTW: rtw_wiphy_register(phy0)
RTW: Register RTW cfg80211 vendor cmd(0x67) interface
RTW: rtw_ndev_init(wlan0) if1 mac_addr=34:7d:e4:7f:60:5e
RTW: rtw_ndev_notifier_call(wlan0) state:17
RTW: cfg80211_rtw_get_txpower(wlan0) total max: -10000 mbm
RTW: rtw_ndev_notifier_call(wlan0) state:5
RTW: module init ret=0

Any suggestions to fix this issue? Thanks.

Start by updating your code base to a current, supported version of openwrt
19.07 is end of life

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Thanks. But the kernel version is 4.7 which device supported. So, we have to work on 19.07.

then you're mostly on your own ...



We porting SDK to OpenWRT 22.03.5 successfully. Any suggestions to debug this issue? Thanks.