Rtl8723bs on stable build

I see that rtl8723bs driver is only available in menuconfig on current working tree not on 19.07.5 tag. Is it possible to add it to 19.07.5 menuconfig and compile only driver in ipk mode?
Building current snapshot is working ok for me but i'm very confused that i get many of precompiled packages available in online repos becomes incompatible with my build. Deployment my own repo take a very long time. So i assume build only driver i needed is much more effectively way for me.

Everything is possible, but i think building your own images with everything included is less work.
Also if you rebuild your image every week, because you need a new package included, will be less work.

The realek target is relatively new and 19.07 is more than one year old. So i expect many incompatibilities of the OpenWrt source. At least that 19.07 uses 4.14 kernel and realtek was added with 5.4 kernel only.

19.07 will be deprecated in some months and then you have spent a lot of time for your porting efforts.

Use the snapshots and do always a sysuprgrade before installing a package or build your images yourself with everything included with the build system or image builder.

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Thanks for your reply.