RTL8192 on Archer C7v2: packages needed?

Hi, I'm planning to use a RTL8192 based USB dongle on an Archer C7v2 for guest wlan. I did some research of packages to install but it isn't clear which are needed.
Right now I'm not using USB ports for anything and router is running


I assume, from the title alone, that there's a feeling/need to install a package...


Have you plugged in the device, and checked to see if another interface appears under ifconfig?

Honestly? I didn't try.
Do you think it will work? Not even generic USB support comes with firmware.



On my default LEDE firmware, the following packages are already installed:

  • kmod-usb-core
  • kmod-usb2

why do you want to use an USB WLAN Adapter. I use the normal WIFI from the Archer and add a second (and third) WLAN for guests (and work). All have a unique SSID and password, but share the same channel number. All (W)LANs are isolated from each others.


Yes, it is possible to make multiple SSIDs with that device...

A good question is...why does @fsclavo need a separate USB dongle for guest WiFi?

Which version of RTL8192 exactly?

Once you know that, install the appropriate kmod.

Additionally you need to consider that rtl8192 (pretty much any variant thereof) based USB wlan cards barely work in STA mode, in AP mode all bets are off (it's not in scope of the vendor to test AP mode features in the USB firmware, nor for the developers trying to get the mainline kernel modules working; and the various vendor driver forks hard-depend on an ancient hostapd patchset, whose management interface isn't supported by LEDE).

You're right, have those installed by default, my mistake!

Sometimes more than 20 clients are connected to my device, and connection became slow (not a bandwidth problem) so I think to put another radio in a different channel to separate my devices from guests ones.
I think I need to pinpoint the real problem with more than 20 devices connected.

Speeds above 54 Mbps are not common on APs with more than a handful of devices. Perhaps, you should make a new thread for troubleshooting the AP bandwidth issue. You may also need to do some work on signal timing, beacons, etc.

See: http://www.zdnet.com/article/gigabit-wi-fi-802-11ac-is-here-five-things-you-need-to-know/