Rt2800usb adapter slow performance

This subject is much discussed but no real solution that I can find . The performance of my panda pau06 usb wifi adapter (rt2800usb) is poor

on USB 2 2.5Mb down , 11Mb up
USB 3 21Mb down , 20Mb up
The same device on the same ports runs 3 to 4 times faster on Windows 10 (This is a x86 device with 2 boot drives)
There were discussions about turning off hardware encryption which seems to be the default now anyway

Any suggestions ? How about a usb wifi device using some other driver that works well (in AP mode) ?

The device behaves about the same when used on KDE Neon to access the internet .

I am having to modify this post as I discovered this device will run at all most 80 Mb when plugged into the usb 2 port on a laptop that is 6+ years old (running kde Neon).
When I get my home made router rebuilt I'll have to re-evaluate the issue .
Perhaps its me not it .

And what make/model device is running OpenWrt that the USB is connected to?

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After further investigation it seems this issue is specific to this motherboard (ASUS PRIME B450M-A/CSM) , USB 2 and Linux .
So in other words it has nothing to do with Openwrt .
Thanks for the reply .

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