RT-N66U good for managed switch?

I understand there's limited support for this router but I believe this due to the broadcom driver not being open and mostly impacts wifi. However I only want to use the RT-N66U as a backup managed switch.

I think I should be good but wanted to check before diving into a flash.

  1. I assume creating/using vlans should be fine since that's not wifi?
  2. Can you limit access to the admin interfaces to a specific (mgmt) vlan, so that the clients on the other vlans won't be able to see or access the admin interfaces (ie web/ssh/etc)?
  3. Any other limitations I should be aware of?


not having this router and from the information I deduce from this link


it has not yet been ported to the DSA architecture
so still use swconfig for your requests if possible

I assume it creates:
vlan 1 for untagged lan on all ports
vlan 2 for the wan

you will have to create additional vlans according to your purposes (the only advice is to leave vlans 1 and 2 more or less unchanged)


vlan 1 is already your management interface if
the additional vlans you create do not belong to the lan

and put dropbear to listen only on LAN
and put uhttpd listening only on LAN

if necessary move the wan port to vlan 1 if a wan is not needed

Thanks very much. The flash went smoothly and after some fiddling got it working the way I want.


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